Coláiste Mhuire Welcomes You

Why you can’t miss Coláiste’s

“Who wants to be a Thousandaire”

üWe have the podium

  • We have the big screens

üWe have Phone a Friend

  • We have Ask the Audience
  • We have 50/50
  • We have backing music, lighting and computerisation
  • We have it all - it is “the show”!!

Hi everyone,

This is one of the most exciting nights that we have ever undertaken in the Coláiste and we are hoping that it will be a brilliant community event where everyone from Buttevant and the surrounding communities will gather for an evening of great fun. We are now asking you to come to see the highly professional thousandaire show that has attracted large audiences all over the country. Why not bring some friends and join us in a special night for all parents, students and the wider community.

When a ticket is purchased, the buyer has three options, (1) to participate themselves, (2) to name a specific person to represent them or (3) to request a member of the panel created by the committee to represent them.

We can assure you that participating in the show is most enjoyable and we encourage all of you to choose option 1 if you are attending the event. There will be eight rounds of ‘who wants to be a thousandaire’ so eight ticket holders will have the opportunity to win serious cash on the night. The show takes place in the Charleville Park Hotel on Friday 17th February at 8pm. The organising committee will be selling tickets so keep an eye and ear out for ticket sellers in your area. Tickets are also available from the school office on 022-23733 and from Layla’s Café. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Yours sincerely,

Donal O Sullivan (Principal)