Pastoral Care



In our school community every student is valued equally and given a sense of belonging. We are committed to striking a balance between preparing our pupils for the workplace and the all-round development of all our students. Our comprehensive Guidance Counselling Programme focuses on; study skills, examination technique, subject choices, career classes and interview drills and skills. In individual Guidance sessions pupils are made aware of their particular strengths and given an understanding of the career options open to them. Each student is alerted to the choices facing him/her at various points and helped with their decision-making.


Here at the Coláiste we have a dedicated Chaplain who provides a discreet and safe service for the pupils. The primary role of the school Chaplain is that of a faith presence in the school. The Chaplain works closely with all members of staff to carry out this responsibility and also extends this to the local parish community. This role is a wide and varied one, ranging from teaching Religious Education, organizing retreats/ prayer services, meeting, listening and supporting students both as groups and on an individual basis while taking an active part in all areas of school life. The role of chaplain is a professional one and a privileged responsibility.


The HSCL aims to promote active co-operation between home, school and relevant community agencies in promoting the educational interest of children. Home visits and parental support are an integral part of the HSCL scheme. Mary Dunlea, HSCL is contactable on 086/0412893.


Due care and attention is paid to the general well being of the students through the appointment of class teachers. Class teachers help pupils throughout the school whenever difficulties arise. Morning assembly is held at 8.50 a.m. daily. At assembly the class teacher checks student’s journals, uniform, punctuality and monitors student progress.


The “Buddy System” is a system where each incoming First Year is befriended by a Transition Year/Fifth Year Student whose role is to help ease the transition from Primary to Secondary School. A series of events i.e. a treasure hunt, table quiz, basketball and soccer tournaments are organised in the school between the First Years and their “Buddies”. Regular events and meetings take place during September and October.


Each class in the Coláiste has two representatives on the Student Council. The Council allows the students to have an input into decisions that affect their lives. The students can air their concerns and work towards improving their amenities. The students have an input into all policies developed within the school.