OPEN NIGHT for prospective 1st yr students in September 2019, and their parents, is on THURSDAY 4th OCTOBER at 7.30 pm. It will last approximately 1.5 hrs. Everybody welcome. We will be visiting the local primary schools with information about the school prior to this date.

Enrolment Application Forms and prespectus are available from the Colaiste on request. A sample Application Form and a copy of our Admissions Policy can be seen below. If you are interested in enroling a student for the 19/20 school year please contact the school office on 022-23733.


Part 1 Family Details (Required for school enrolment

and parental contact purposes)



1. Surname

2. Child’s Forename/s

3. Male/Female

4. Nationality

5. Date of Birth

6. Birth Cert attached?

7. No. of children in family

8.Position of child in family

9. Religion

10. Home Address

Childs PPS No.

1. Parent/Guardian Details

2. Parent/Guardian Details





Relationship to Child

Relationship to Child



Phone No. (Home)

Phone No. (Home)

Phone No. (Work)

Phone No. (Work)

Phone No. (Mobile)

Phone No. (Mobile)

Email Address

Email Address

Mobile No. for Texting Purposes

An other Emergency Name and Contact Number

Name_________________________ Phone No.________________________

Relationship to Child _____________________________________________

Name and contact number of one other nominated person who has permission to sign your son/daughter out of school in the case where you the parent are not available ________________________________________

If there are any orders or other arrangements in place governing access to, or custody of, the child, please provide details.



Please indicate name and address of person (s) to whom correspondence is to be sent regarding educational progress of the student if, different from above.

Does the student have any brothers or sisters in this school?

Yes  No 

If yes please indicate names and the year they are currently in

Name________________ Year_______________________

Name________________ Year_______________________

Name ________________ Year_______________________

Part 2 Primary School Details (Note: We may contact the school in connection with your child’s enrolment)

Name of Primary School


Other Primary School attended and dates (if relevant)


Part 3 Educational Details (Required for the assessment of individual educational needs)

Please note

Irish is a compulsory subject for all students. Exemptions are only granted in exceptional cases.

In general, any student who is granted an exemption will either:

  1. Be a non-national


  1. Have a psychological assessment recommending exemption. This assessment would have been carried out within the last 3 years. The School will require a copy of this report before any exemption is granted.


  1. Student lived outside of Ireland until 11 years of age

Is the student currently studying Irish? Yes  No 

If you answered no please indicate the reason (a, b or c above)


Has the student a psychological assessment? Yes  No 

Please give date ______________

Is the Psychological Report available? Yes  No 

Has the student been granted Resource Teaching Hours Yes  No 

Has the student been granted Special Needs Assistance hours by the NCSE? Yes  No 

If you answered yes please give details _______________________________________________________________



Category of Special Need _________________________________________

Has the student been in receipt of learning support? Yes  No 

If the answer is yes please give details ______________________________



Part 4 Medical Details (Required to ensure the school has an accurate record of medical conditions as well as your doctor’s contact details in the event of a medical issue arising during school/ETB activities. Please note it may be necessary to disclose this information to staff)

1) Doctor’s Name ____________________________________

2) Name of practice (if relevant) ____________________________________

3) Phone Number (Clinic) ____________________________________

4) Do you have a family medical card?______________________________

5) Medical Card Number ____________________________________

6) Health concerns for child.



7) Procedures to follow (for a particular illness).



8) Does the child require glasses? Yes  No 

9) Does the student have any hearing difficulties? Yes  No 

10) Any other medical concerns/information of relevance?



Part 5 (Contract)


Date: ___________________________

Name: ___________________________

As a student in Coláiste Mhuire, Buttevant, I promise to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the school, in the interests of maintaining a positive learning environment.

I have read and I accept the School Code of Behaviour

Student’s Signature:______________________ Date:___________________

Parent (Contract and Consent)

- In registering my above named child as a student in Coláiste Mhuire, Buttevant:

- I understand that this implies a full acceptance of the rules of the school as laid down from time to time by the Board of Management.

- I will provide copies of recent psychological or other professional educational assessments to the school and also give permission to Coláiste Mhuire to access Psychological Reports and/or Screening Diagnostic Tests administered by the Primary School.

- As a partner in the education of my child, I recognise the need for me to do my utmost to support the work of the school.

- By signing below, I am giving explicit consent for Coláiste Mhuire to confirm, retain, use and disclose the information I have provided in accordance with the Data Protection Policy.

Parent/Guardian Signature(s): _____________________________


Date: _____________________________



Part 6 (Data Protection Note)

Personal Data on this Form

Cork ETB is registered as a Data Controller under the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003. The personal data supplied on this application form is required for the purposes of student enrolment, registration, administration, child welfare and to fulfil our other legal obligations. Contact details will also be used to notify you of school/ETB events or activities. While the information provided will generally be treated as confidential to Coláiste Mhuire and Cork ETB, from time to time it may be necessary for us to exchange personal data on a confidential basis with other bodies including the Department of Education & Science, the Department of Social & Family Affairs, An Garda Síochána, the Health Service Executive, the National Educational Welfare Board or with another school (where the student is transferring). We rely on parents/guardians to provide us with accurate and complete information and to update us in relation to any change in the information provided. Should you wish to update or access your child’s personal data you should write to the school Principal.

Data Protection Policy of Cork ETB

A copy of the full Data Protection Policy of Cork ETB is available on request from The CEO, Cork ETB, Yeats House, Barrack Square, Ballincollig, Co. Cork.

Photographs of Students

The school maintains a database of photographs of school events held over years. It has become customary to take photos of students engaged in activities and events in the interest of creating a pictorial as well as historical record of life at the school. Photographs may be published on our school/ETB website or in brochures, newsletters, local and national newspapers and similar school/ETB-related productions. In the case of website photographs student names will not be recorded with the picture. If you would prefer not to have your child’s photograph included in such records, please notify the school principal.

Signed: ______________________ Date: _______________

Parent/ Guardian

ADMISSIONS POLICY 2017/18 (NB: This enrolment policy will be revised prior to commencement of the 19/20 enrolment process and is only a guide)

Section 1

1.1 Mission Statement

At Colaiste Mhuire, our vision is to enrich the educational and personal development of students in an inclusive, caring and Christian community. Our Admissions Policy seeks to ensure equality of access and participation for prospective students.

1.2 Scope of the Policy

The policy covers all matters pertaining to admission to Colaiste Mhuire.

1.3 Rationale

This policy is necessary to:

  • Clarify admissions procedures
  • Provide a reference point for parents/guardians, students and teachers
  • Provide transparency and accountability
  • Comply with the Education Act 1998, Equal Status Act 2000, Education Welfare Act 2000 and the Special Needs Act 2004

1.4 Goals/Objectives:

This policy aims to state:

  • The criteria for admission to the school
  • The procedures for enrolment
  • The criteria in relation to the admission of students with disabilities or other educational needs.

Section 2

2.1 Application Procedures

  • Advertisements are placed in local newspapers during September.
  • The Principal, along with a selection of teachers and current pupils of Colaiste Mhuire, visits primary schools in the catchment area to speak to sixth class pupils
  • A copy of the school’s prospectus is given to all 6th class students in the catchment area.
  • An Open Information Night for parents/guardians and prospective students is held in October. The following will be made available to parents/guardians/students on the night – enrolment form, school prospectus, Code of Behaviour, details of enrolment closing date, details of requirements (birth certificate, signed Code of Behaviour, details of medical conditions).
  • After Application deadline the Special Educational Needs Team visits the local primary schools to liaise with sixth class teachers and request relevant information regarding pupils.
  • In December, the Principal, Deputy Principal and Guidance Counsellor meet with applicants and their parents/guardians.

2.2 Criteria for Enrolment

  • Pupil must have completed primary education
  • Parents/guardians and prospective students must be willing to accept, in writing, the school’s Code of Behaviour
  • Attendance at interview is compulsory.

2.3 Enrolment Procedures

  • Application forms for enrolment are available at any time from the school office
  • Applications forms to enter First Year in September 2018 must be submitted to School Office no later than Friday 20th October 2017 .
  • Offers of places will be made by December 1st.
  • Acceptance of such places must be made in writing by the specified date
  • Each pupil is required to attend for interview with his/her parents/guardians on a day and time that will be notified to them (usually prior to Christmas Holidays). This is an important part of the enrolment process.
  • Parents/guardians are requested to furnish the school with all relevant information about prospective students
  • The Special Educational Needs Coordinator visits all primary schools to meet relevant teachers
  • Pupils who move into the catchment area after the start of the school year, or after the enrolment process has been finalised, and apply for entry into Colaiste Mhuire, will be offered places subject to the criteria laid down under Mid-Term Transfers

There is 72 places available for 1st Year entrants in August/September 2018. If applications are in excess of the number of places available, preference will be given to students in the following order:

  1. Those who have a sibling already attending Colaiste Mhuire or whose sibling is a past pupil.
  2. Children of Colaiste Mhuire staff / members of Colaiste Mhuire Board of Management
  3. Children who are the eldest in the family and attend one of the named feeder Primary schools.
  4. A child whose parent is a past pupil of the school and the child attends one of the named feeder schools.
  5. Those who attend feeder schools in the catchment area – Buttevant, Ballyclough, Ballyhea, Baltydaniel, Churchtown, Liscarroll and Lisgriffin.

Thereafter, places will be allocated by lottery (at a Board of Management meeting).

All decisions relating to admission of students rest with the Principal and Board of Management.

Section 3

3.1 Special Educational Needs

Colaiste Mhuire welcomes students with special needs and will use the resources both financial and personal, provided by the Department of Education and Skills to make reasonable accommodation for students with disabilities or special educational needs so that these students are free to participate in the life in the school in so far as is reasonably practical.

  • While recognising and fully supporting parents’ rights to have a school of their choice for their children, the School’s ability to accept students with particular needs is dependent on the supply of resources, suitable to the needs of the individual student, being supplied by the Department of Education & Skills.
  • Parents are requested to outline the details of a child’s special educational needs on the Application Form.
  • The school requires parents/guardians permission for access to any medical, psychological or other relevant reports that may have already been obtained in the primary school.
  • In the absence of such reports, the school will require parental/guardian consent to request a National Educational Psychological Services (NEPS) assessment with a view to establishing the educational need of the applicant.
  • When it is deemed that a student may have special educational needs, the Special Educational Needs Coordinator liaises with parents/guardians and the relevant primary school principal.
  • Contact will be made with the National Council for Special Educational Needs regarding special needs resources to which the student may be entitled.

While every effort will be made by Colaiste Mhuire to support pupils with special educational needs and to date we are proud of our achievements with SEN pupils, if Colaiste Mhuire is not or evolves to become the inappropriate school placement to educate a relevant pupil we would have to decline the enrolment or support the pupil to avail of another more appropriate school educational placement.

Section 4

Enrolment in ASD Unit (special class)

4.1 Procedure for Admission

Every student must apply for admission to the school in the normal manner as outlined in section 2 of the school’s admission policy. The student will be subject to the terms and conditions of the school’s Enrolment Policy. Students who wish to apply for admission to the ASD facility must also complete a separate enrolment form and must furnish the school with all relevant documentation by the specified closing date on the application form.

4.2 Criteria for Admission to the Special Class

a. The applicant must have an ASD professionals report which clearly specifies a diagnosis of Autism. The diagnosis must be determined by the DSM V, ICD 10 criteria, Gillberg and Gillberg’s (1989) or other recognised diagnostic tool acceptable to the ASD Admissions Panel team.

The ASD professionals report must have been completed with a second level mainstream setting in mind.

b. The applicant should also furnish the school with the following relevant documentation where possible:

  • A Clinical Diagnostic report
  • A cognitive assessment which includes an estimation of Cognitive Function.
  • A speech and language assessment(within the last two years)
  • An occupational therapy assessment (within the last two years)
  • A social worker assessment outlining the family’s needs strengths and resources.
  • All reports and information from any support services involved with the student.

If necessary, applicants may be asked to supply further information including any additional documentation relevant to the student’s needs which would have an impact on educational planning.


The applicant must have cognitive functioning at or above the range of mild general learning disability and supporting documentation must specify that the student has the adaptive skills to learn in a mainstream environment.

d. The applicant should have accessed mainstream education to a level consistent with that expected of students within the Special Class.

e. In the allocation of places in the ASD Unit additional criteria which have priority include an assessment of needs and the ability of the school to provide appropriate care and education for the applicant, taking the Duty of Care of the applicant, other students and the staff into consideration.

f. Staff from Coláiste will visit the primary school and will interview the principal and any relevant personnel involved in the pupil’s education to that point. They may also meet with the applicant and conduct observations of the student in his/her current educational setting.

g. Admission is subject to a place being available and resources being sanctioned prior to the admission of the students. Admission is subject to the number of places sanctioned by the Department of Education & Skills. The recommended limit under Health and Safety guidelines is a maximum of six students as sanctioned by the DES. Thereafter, a waiting list will apply. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of places available the following ranked criteria will apply:

  • Applicants attending the feeder schools in the area.
  • Applicants with siblings already in the school.
  • Applicants not attending these feeder schools for whom the ASD unit would be the nearest facility.
  • Applicants not in any of the above categories

h. All applications to the ASD Unit will be reviewed by an ASD Admissions Panel which may consist of the following members:

  • The School Principal of Coláiste Mhuire, Buttevant
  • A NEPS representative
  • The SENO
  • The Resource/Learning Support Co-ordinator/Guidance Counsellor of Coláiste Mhuire, Buttevant.
  • A representative of the Board of Management, Coláiste Mhuire, Buttevant.

The ASD Admissions Panel reserves the right to appoint other members to the panel as necessary and to seek the advice of external experts if required.

The remit of the panel is:

  • To review all applications and documentation relevant to a student applying for a place in the facility.
  • To verify the facility’s suitability in meeting the needs of the applicant.
  • To meet with the applicant and their parents/guardians.
  • To make recommendations based on these findings to the Board of Management of Coláiste Mhuire, Buttevant.

  1. The ASD Admissions Panel may make a recommendation with regard to an application for enrolment but the final decisions in respect of all enrolments in Coláiste Mhuire, Buttevant are made by the Board of Management.

j. Decisions of the ASD Admissions Panel may be appealed to the Board of Management.

Decisions of the Board of Management may be appealed to Cork ETB.

k. All placements are subject to review, at any time, at the request of the parent(s) and/or the school. The review will be carried out by the ASD Admissions Panel who may recommend that the child’s needs cannot be met by the school and that the child should be enrolled in an alternative educational establishment. There will also be an annual review of places at the end of each academic year.

l. For applicants who reside outside the catchment area, parents may apply to the NCSE for Special School Transport.

m. It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to attend all meetings and reviews pertaining to the child’s enrolment.

n. Once a student has been offered a place in the ASD Unit they will be invited to participate in a transition programme. This is essential to ensure the student’s smooth transition to their new environment.

While every effort will be made to support each and every pupil

if a pupil’s Autism evolves into a complex educational need that cannot be met within the schools programme an alternative school placement may be sought, this will be organised in communication with the pupils parents, ASD support team & school Special Education Needs Officer (SENO).

Section 5

5.1 Mid-term Entry or Transfer

Colaiste Mhuire may enrol students during the school year subject to the following conditions:

  • The criteria for admission as stated in this policy apply
  • Satisfactory completion of the application form and Student Reference Form
  • The parents/guardians will be requested to provide the birth certificate of the student and a letter outlining a satisfactory reason for seeking to change schools.
  • The parents and student will be requested to provide a written reference from the Principal or Principals of schools the student has already attended along with copies of recent school reports.
  • The prospective student will be interviewed by the Principal and Deputy Principal. Parents/guardians must accompany the student to interview.

Admission is at the discretion of the Principal and Board of Management, which will, among other things, take into account:

  • The behaviour of the student in his/her current/past school
  • The educational interests of the student
  • The educational interests of other students
  • The maintenance of a school environment supportive of learning
  • The continuity of instruction in the classroom
  • The health, safety and welfare of teachers, students and staff
  • The availability of suitable subjects
  • The impact on existing class sizes
  • The capacity of the school to meet the student’s needs

Once all the relevant information, i.e. application form, birth certificate, student reference form, has been provided by the applicant and previous school authorities have been contacted, a response will be offered within 21 working days if the school is satisfied that it has sufficient resources in place to meet the incoming student’s needs

Section 6

6.1 Right of Appeal

Under Section 29 of the Education Act, 1998, parents/guardians have the right to appeal a refusal by the school to enrol a student.

In the event of refusal to enrol, all applicants will be informed within 21 days of the receipt of application and will be informed of appeal procedures to the Board of Management, County E.T.B. and the Department of Education and Skills.

Section 7

7.1 Review Procedures

The policy will be reviewed annually.

The review group will consist of the Principal, Deputy Principal, School Development Planning Coordinator, Learning Support Coordinator and the Home School Liaison Officer.

The review group will consult with the Board of Management, the Parents’ Association and Student Council.

The Principal and Board of Management may, subject to relevant

legislation and subject to Department of Education and Skills

regulations, alter or amend any section of this policy as appropriate.

This policy has been made available to school personnel and the Parents’ Association and is readily accessible to parents on request. A copy of this policy will be made available to the Department and Cork ETB.

This policy will be reviewed by the Board of Management once in every school year.